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there was a girl who had a teddy that she loved 2 bits.
then it was her bday and she was 10.
her parents though she was 2 old for a teddy so 1 day wen she was at
school her parents gave the teddy away.
the girl went 2 her room and the teddy wasnt there she went to her
parents cring sayin the teddy was gone.
the next day the teddy came bac and the girl was happy again then it
was given away again.
then that night the teddy went bac 2 the house and into the parents
room with a nife and killed the parents but left it unnoticed usually
when the went downstairs and her breakfeast would be on the table but
it wasnt she went to her parents room and said wake up and sitting in
the corner was the teddy with a evil smile on and the girl never
suspected! from ciaran!

HORROR PICTURES!: scary pic huh?

 Ghosts by Daniel SchwabeClick to enlargeSundarbans

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